Ride Calendar




Hi All,

 In the interest of our Members health and safety, the Committee has decided to cancel the current ride calendar and for the foreseeable future move to Meet and Greet rides only.

This has been a difficult decision but having
taken into consideration the current government edicts, the feedback to Monkey’s earlier post and more importantly the fact that the majority of us are in the critical risk category (even if we don’t want to admit it!), the Committee considers this the best approach to keeping us riding and safe during this chaotic time.

The Committee also recommends taking morning tea/lunch and drinks with you and in this way taking control of your own health and safety as much as possible.

Even moving to Meet and Greet we ne
ed to ensure that:
 • everyone keeps a minimum 1.5 meters from each other at all time
       at the briefing
       at the destination and
       at the goodbye
 • you do not shake hands or hug or kiss (I know we are a friendly bunch!)
 • any destination chosen has the facilities to allow for the social distance
 • everyone has hand sanitizer/soap and towel

One option suggested was having a BBQ, but as
this virus lasts longest on hard surfaces such as stainless steel, and even though this may be considered a minor risk,  only packed mornos/lunches and drinks are recommended.
It has not been easy considering and recommending these measures as they may appear to be overly cautious. Your Committee, however, is looking out for all our Members' best interests.

There has been indication that Governments, State and Federal, are planning to formalise that any form of travel that is not part of normal day to day life be curtailed to stop the spread of Covid-19, so who knows - given the daily changes we are experiencing it might be that at some point our rides are considered non-essential travel and
we will  not be on the road at all!

I hope that you understand and agree with this approach and lets enjoy it while
we can.