Ride  Meetings

Our  Ride Calendar is put together by our members. When a ride meeting is called, everyone is welcome to attend. It is an enjoyable experience to host a ride.

Please  note that extra ride information can be displayed using the link buttons for rides which require bookings, showing telephone numbers or extra information.

Frequent updates are posted on the Rides CALENDAR on this website.

Please keep an eye on the calendar, as times and information may change.If in doubt, call the Ride Leader.

If you find any inaccuracies, please inform the Ride Captain or the Webmaster for correction, and we hope to see you on  our rides.



Tuesday Coffee Rides

A short ride for a social coffee
Departs Caltex  Heathcote   0900.

Thursday Rides

Held each Thursday weather permitting

Rides leave from Caltex Heathcote or 7/11 Menai 0900.

Featuring short coffee rides or longer luncheon rides on alternate weeks.

Ride details advised in the CALENDAR on this website.

Meet & Ride

When: Tuesdays, weekends and Public Holidays when there is no other planned day ride on the calendar.

These rides are to cater for all members who are unable to attend organised ride days.

Rides will start from the Caltex  Heathcote 0900.

Group Riding Etiquette


Please be aware that most motorways use electronic passes. If you do not have an account already, it is  advised you open an occasional account.

Westlink M7 connects the west by providing an uninterrupted journey between the M2, M4 and M5 motorways and is a fully electronic electronic toll road with no toll booths.

Westlink bypasses 48 sets of traffic lights changing forever the way people travel around Western Sydney.

Westlink uses a distance based tolling system. 

All existing electronic tags are accepted. To get a Roam e-TAG please call 13 TOLL (13 86 55).

For occasional use of Westlink M7, you will need the innovative Roam e-PASS account, where your number plate is photographed as you travel past a toll point and matched against your e-PASS details.

For more information call 13 TOLL (13 86 55) or go to their website (click the link above)

Rider Risk Video's

        An informative series of new videos have been made and are available to view on the website of the NSW Motorcycle

  Just go the menu at the left of the  homepage and click on the "Rider Risk Videos"                                 

                 There are also links to providers of rider training and development.

Visit  Motorcycle Council of NSW Website

Ulysses Rebates

    The Ulysses Club offers rebates for Rider Training and First Aid courses with a registered training organisation (conditions apply).

1. rebates can be paid only once within a three year membership period to financial members only.
2. rebates are limited to 50% of the amount paid, up to a maximum of $80 for rider training and $60 for first aid.

3. Rider Training rebates are only available to licensed riders attending a road safety and/or skills based advanced training course.

4. First Aid rebates are available on completion of a senior first aid certificate or motorcycle first responder endorsement.
    A certificate of completion plus evidence of payment by the
member is required.

5. Rebate claim forms are available on the National website.