The St George/Sutherland Branch of the Ulysses Club Inc was started by Don Phinn of Blakehurst.  Don had been a long time rider who was returning to

motorcycling after a break. (sound familiar?)  When purchasing a motorcycle from Brian Ward, Brian mentioned he was a member of the Ulysses Club,

but told Don there was no branch in his area, just the Sydney Branch. Brian suggested to Don he should start a local Branch. 

The first official meeting was held on Wednesday the 11th of October 2000.  The agenda involved the voting of the inaugural President, and discussion and

voting for other committee positions.  Discussion was also had on the group’s name, meeting days, location, intentions of the group and the first rides.

Don Phinn was elected President, and it was decided to vote for a Secretary and Treasurer, and call for volunteers for other roles such as group captain

and/or two run leaders.

Elected to those positions were  Secretary Bill Schiralli  and Treasurer Glenn Packwood.  Tony Lamb and Merv Fletcher volunteered to be

‘Run Co-ordinators’.

Christine Lamb volunteered to be Social Secretary and Christie Dodd volunteered to be Newsletter Editor.