Long Thursday Ride 2016


Our branch's first meeting was held on Wednesday 4th October 2000. The driving force behind the St George Sutherland Group's creation and the group's first president was Don Phinn. Fiften people attended the meeting. Today our meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month. The St George Sutherland Branch holds regular group rides and social events.


As with all branches in The Ulysses Club, the club is primarily a social club for mature riders who  enjoy a slightly different lifestyle than that many people perceive of us "oldies". We enjoy a friendship and bond amongst members and just let our hair down (if we still have any) and enjoy life.

Our motto - Grow Old Disgracefully pretty much sums us up. We love a laugh and a ride on our bikes. We either go solo or take our partners. We have women riders who keep up with the blokes - (well nearly). We ride anything from Harleys to Hondas, scooters, vintage, classic or brand spankers. 

We'd love to see you as a part of our branch if you enjoy fun, wind in the face and most weekends with a ride to somewhere, whether it be long or short. Our New Members rides are specifically tailored for.....New Members!!! Anyone can go, but we take a shorter run, mark a few corners, have a bit of a talk and stop for coffee and cakes. Have another talk, then maybe go home. It's all very casual.

    Our day rides can vary from short to long, depending on what the ride leader has planned for us. The long  weekend  rides and overnight stays       are a hoot. We go all over the place and see many sights that you just don't normally go to - especially in one of those things called a car!
    The Ulysses AGM's are a spectacle to behold for the new members. 5000 or so bikes, all converging on one town at the same time for a week           long party. AGM's
are held all over Australia. Past locations have included Broken Hill, Mt Gambier, Snowy Mountains, Mudgee,  Canberra,           Tasmania, Coffs Harbour, Townsville, Penrith, Albany. Newcastle, Mildura, Maryborough, Alice Springs, Wodonga and Phillip Island to name
     a few. 

    Whether you join St George Sutherland or another branch, enjoy the friendship and riding. We'd love to see you here with us, so call someone       or just turn up at a meeting and say Hi          


                             ULYSSES MEMBERS AWARDS

Life Members

The elevation of a member to Life Membership comes as a result of a submission to the National Committee, and approved by same. This is a prestigious award, granted in recognition of a member’s meritorious service to the Club.

Dearnley Medalists

The idea to recognise members who consistently provided meritorious  service above and beyond the norm, was introduced in February 1998 and announced to members at the Annual General Meeting that year. It goes without saying that the award was named after “Old Number 1”, Stephen Dearnley, who with his group of friends, took the steps in establishing our wonderful Club in 1983.

Telemachus Medal

The Telemachus Medal is designed to acknowledge members contributions to the Branch with which they have chosen to be aligned. Whilst still maintaining a meritorious standard its intention is to recognise service which is above and beyond the normal expectations of any member.        

Our Dearnley Medalists

                    Betty Redfern
                     AGM 1998 
         nominated by Sydney Branch

   Don Phinn
    AGM  2007
       Coffs Harbour