Mandurah Rally 2021     


A Great Adventure awaits


The Ulysses Club National Rally 2021 will be held from 22 to 28 March 2021 at the Peelwood Sporting Complex in the City of Mandurah, 75 km south of Perth in Western Australia.

There will be plenty of room for onsite camping including self-contained caravans and RVs.

The 2021 National Rally team would like to welcome all Ulysses Club members from around Australia, and from overseas to WA.

The team is working on a wide variety of tours, rides and events to entertain members and guests visiting WA.

In future newsletters we will be providing information on aspects of the Rally and what WA has to offer members by way of sights, food and most definitely wine.

The Rally Website

This will go live from June and contains a large amount of information about the Rally, links to Regional Tourist Office websites, and other touring information about WA. Take some time to look at the available links including Frequently Asked Questions

Rally eHandbook - Ulysses Club members can access, via a link on the Rally website, a live electronic Rally handbook that will constantly be updated with local and Rally information.

This can be easily accessed by maintaining an App on your phone

Thumb drives – a quantity is being posted to every branch for sharing between members.

The drive contains information on accommodation, vehicle services, local tourist information, etc plus links to Regional Tourist Organisations and travel information.


Providers are already reporting bookings from Ulysses Club members so if you want the pick of offsite hard accommodation providers in Mandurah then I suggest you start looking at options.

Information on providers is available on the website, in the eHandbook and from Mandurah and Peel Tourist Organisation.

Nullarbor Crossing

Motels on the Nullabor will fill quickly so if you want a bed each night plan think ahead and make your bookings.

See Getting There, Nullarbor Map and Crossing the Nullarbor links on the website, or thumb drive, and plan your travel accordingly


If, after checking the Website, FAQ and eHandbook, you still need assistance, then send an email to  and we will try and answer your question as quickly as possible.

Accommodation on the Nullarbor Plain

Crossing the Nullarbor Plain to WA is not difficult however if you like your soft bed at night and want a motel room then you need to plan ahead and book for each night as there will be a lot of members on the road and the Roadhouse accommodation will fill quickly.

At least plan your ride and accommodation between Ceduna and Norseman and I suggest book your rooms for both inbound and outbound travel.

If you just turn up and there is no room available you will be facing around 180km of riding to the next location, or an uncomfortable cold night on the hard ground.

Tiredness is not good when riding the Nullarbor at night as there are too many things on the road for you to hit in the dark.

A Wedge Tailed Eagle standing around 3 or so feet at the shoulder will hurt if you hit it while it is feasting on roadkill.

The Rally website has a number of links including Nullarbor Map and this will help to decide how far you want to travel each day before stopping overnight

Information can be found on these topics

  • Getting There
  • Crossing the Nullarbor
  • Nullarbor Map

Take some time to read these articles as they provide a wealth of information from WA riders who have frequently crossed the Nullarbor by bike

Those members with caravans and RV’s will obviously not have a problem but you will need to remember that water is in limited supply between Ceduna and Norseman and you will probably not be able to top up your RV tanks, so start out full.

Take your time, drive safely and enjoy what is a spectacular part of our Great Country

Be Aware
The towing speed limit in WA is 100kph – all vehicles, with no exceptions


Rally News

We have some great news regarding the 2021 Ulysses Club National Rally to be held in Mandurah Western Australia in March.

Firstly rather than have our Commemorative Rally Merchandise made in China, we have been able to source most of the 2021 Mandurah Commemorative Merchandise from Australian manufacturers (fantastic), and this means that we can now keep the orders open until 26th January 2021 (rather than the original date of 15th December 2020) Please note we will not be altering the cost to you and the prices quoted in the Spring edition of Riding On will not change.

Due to our decision to use only Australian Manufactured merchandise, unfortunately we will not be able to offer three items as part of the 2021 Mandurah Rally merchandise range.

These items are –

  • Rally Jacket
  • Tea towel
  • Microfibre sports towel