Branch Presidents

  Don Phinn  (Dearnley Medalist)
11/10/2000- 11/11/2002

Garry Palmer (Dearnley Medalist)
   11/11/02 to  8/11/04

              12/06/06 to 1/06/07               
            11/02/13 to 10/02/14                

Lex Azzopardi 8/11/04 to 12/06/06

Ian Bosler 11/06/2007 to 09/06/2008

Janelle Haffenden
09/06/2008 to 14/02/2011

Paul Rees 14/02/2011 to 11/02/2013

Rob Lord 10/02/14 to 08/02/16

Phil Morris 08/02/16 to 02/02/18

Craig Carfoot 02/02/18  ----->


          Home Page  
   Welcome to the Ulysses Club St. George Sutherland Branch Website 

    At the St. George Sutherland Branch we encourage new and returning riders, enjoy a bond of friendship among members,
   let our  hair down (those that still have some) and
have a full and active ride calendar, embrace life and most of all enjoy
the ride. This
site is updated frequently and our members are kept informed about whats going on including upcoming
  rides and events and weekends away.  

All correspondence to:
The Secretary
P.O. Box 956 Gymea NSW 2227

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Branch meetings are held at 7.30 p.m. on the second Monday every month at

Taren Point Bowling Club.

            203 Holt Rd. Taren Point               

      is on Monday 11th November 2019


Our Branch Ulysses Gear

                            For St George Sutherland Branch gear see John Foley, our Quartermaster or call him  on 0407 613 986

all other gear is from the Ulysses Gear Shop.

To order: sign in to the Ulysses Website at


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